The Underdown

Nearest City: Merrill
Daily Fee: $3

The Underdown seems like a harmless trail from the first 1/8 of a mile singletrack but then a quick turn to the right-Climb, Climb, Climb. Riders, especially single speeders, this will test your strength and endurance for the entire trail. It seems impossible, but the majority of the trail appears to be all uphill; it's not of course, but it is one hell of a work out. No rock gardens on this loop; the technical areas come from the quick stops and uphill starts along with the occasional root in the worst possible spot.

We rode this trail in the beginning of the season and got turned around slightly because of the lack of signage; not any more! Signs are up and the trails are in fantastic shape. To our surprise we even noticed more trails opened than earlier in the year. If you follow the loop alphabetically, you will experience moderate to high skill level trails. If you want to mix it up a little and throw in some technical, off-camber single track, ride X, U, V and M which intersect the main loop. We rode 'U' and experienced a slow moving, highly technical trail that never stopped throwing obstacles in our path. Again, no rock gardens, but the off-camber twists and turns sculpted out of the tree root terrain forces you to make constant balance and speed adjustments. For the technical riders out there, this trail is a must ride.

Scenery is amazing in spots especially looking down off the ridgelines and over the small lakes and ponds located near the edge of the trail.

Built and maintained by two locals, the trail is about a 12 mile loop plus the added off shoots. Hats off to these guys; they spend their time and even some of their own money creating and building a great recreational venue for all of us riders. Make sure to pay the trail fee and a little bit more, it's worth it.

We highly recommend this trail for moderate to experienced riders; beginners be cautious, it may not be the ride you're looking for. With the scenery, great trail conditions, flow, technical and aerobic difficulty, we think this is one for the best singletrack trails in the state.

**Trail U is closed to logging** We'll keep you updated-FTG

  • Overall Trail Difficulty: 5
  • Overall Aerobic Difficulty: 5
  • Overall Trail Rating: 5

Ratings based on a scale of 1-5 • 5 Being the highest •