Washburn Lake Trail

County: ONEIDA
Nearest City: Rhinelander

Washburn Lake is located 8 miles west of Rhinelander off of Washburn Lake Road. There is ample parking in the gravel parking lot, but there are no toilets or drinking water.

To get right into the meat of the technical single track, take the connector west from the parking lot. This will take you to a trail head with a couple of options: either take the double track north and pick from the red, green or blue trails (the only marked trails in the system), or veer to the left and ride the unmarked single track that we affectionately named “The Tick”-bring your bug spray!

The Tick offers tight technical switchbacks with rock and root obstacles and narrow passage between trees. This small section of single track is a great example of what’s to come throughout the rest of the trail system, don’t bypass this trail, you won’t be sorry.

You can continue on to the blue trail which includes a new section of single track that’s nearly impossible to ride clean. The tight switchbacks combined with grade changes make a track stand a necessity on this one.

The single track north of the parking lot is gnarly and unrelenting with technical climbs and descents that require your full concentration.

All of the single tracks in this system have technical challenges to test the skills of any rider. There are not too many steep climbs on the single track portions of the system, but the double track does provide some lung busting climbs and fast descents – look for Herring Bone Hill in particular.

The trail system is maintained well by RASTA (Rhinelander Area Silent Trail Association). The new single track is quite challenging and well thought out. We found very few riders on the trails, in fact we spend a Friday and Saturday there and only ran into one guy in the parking lot. The system is quite a maze and it’s easy to get turned around. The trails beyond the red, blue, and green sections are not named at this point so don’t forget your gps information for trail head locations or at the least bring your map to get your bearings. Hint: at the far north end of the map there is a 'Y' in the double track that will take you either to 'Judy's' Loop or 'Herringbone Hill'. STOP, back track 10 to 20 ft and you will see a single track trailhead that will lead you in the direction of the lot. It's a great ride, that seems like it goes forever.

All in all a great trail system, we encourage anyone looking for a great technical ride to check out Washburn Lake. Spend a weekend in Rhinelander and try this one along with Smokin Spoke.

  • Overall Trail Difficulty: 4
  • Overall Aerobic Difficulty: 4
  • Overall Trail Rating: 4

Ratings based on a scale of 1-5 • 5 Being the highest •