Baird Creek Parkway

County: BROWN
Nearest City: Green Bay

Green Bay WI, bordering on the shores of Lake Michigan, the doorway to Door County, for the romantically inclined and home of the Green Bay Packers. Oh yeah, a lesser known draw (to outsiders) a mountain bike trail, called Baird Creek Parkway. Broken into essentially three areas, Baird creek offers a variety of terrains from doubletrack (hikers and bikers), single track and highly technical sections including rocks, roots and the occasional creek crossing for the more adventurous rider.

The West section (A) has the main parking lot and the double track for the family rides or the beginner. A web of trails (intermediate & advanced riders) break off of the main drag which head toward and follow the creek. Occasionally, these trails disappear or lead riders into a creek crossing. Prepare to get turn around. There are no directional signs anywhere. A continuous flowing ride is hard to achieve, but if you like to play, this is the spot.

The East side (B) gets crazy. Ridge lines follow the perimeter of the park and outlying areas with many off-shoots taking riders down into the creek bed. Small bridges lay over the high banked areas of the creek, however, these are not permanently fixed into the ground and may be moved off the main path. Suggestion: check bridges before going over at high speeds--prevent the possible endo and pain-numbing crash--HURTS. If you can stay on track, the scenery down in the creeks beds is worth the ride alone--very cool. The other area to ride is just up the road to the north (C). It's kind of a freeride area with small down hills and jumps for the extreme rider--nothing special but it's there. There is a small loop that takes you around into a wooded area, up into the backyard of a residential development and then back down and out. Again, nothing special, but if you want to keep on peddling, give it a try.

Baird Creek has tons of potential with the scenery and overall variety of singletrack, however the trail flow is not ideal and trail system is not marked well. Our suggestion is to try to hook up with a local. The alternative can result in a disappointing ride.

  • Overall Trail Difficulty: 2
  • Overall Aerobic Difficulty: 2
  • Overall Trail Rating: 2

Ratings based on a scale of 1-5 • 5 Being the highest •