Lowes Creek

Nearest City: Eau Claire
Daily Fee: $3 parking fee
Web site: Click here

Lowes Creek County Trails

This trail system is located on the south side on Eau Claire and is the only technical mountain bike trail that is legal to ride on in this part of the state. The trails were designed and are maintained by the Chippewa Off Road Bike Association. They’ve done a great job on these trails. As an Eau Claire native, the only negative thing I can say about the system is that they should have had it built ten years ago when I lived there.

There is plenty of parking, a picnic area and pit toilets on site.

These trails are fast rolling single track with some off-camber trails and the occasional log pile to climb. The single track doesn’t have the toughest climbs, but enough to get the heart pumping. The double track has a few steep, very difficult climbs due to the washed stone lining the hills, presumably in an attempt to reduce erosion. We suggest riding the edges to make these climbs. Many trails run adjacent to steep drop offs. Make sure you ride with a buddy because if you drop off the trails in these spots, they may never find you. Most trails are well marked, although some are a bit confusing. Rad has many unmarked intersections that will keep you riding around in circles. Apparently they’ve built some new trails in there and haven’t had the chance to mark them are abandon the old ones.

Look for the Skull with fast descents, tough technical climbs, and a sweet creek crossing.

The Onion is a new track that takes you on a descent packed with tight switchbacks designed to ride like a speedway with manmade banked turns. The Tunnels offer some great, fast tight turns through mature pines.

There is no fee required to ride the trails at this time, only a three dollar parking fee. You bikers in Indianhead country don’t know how lucky you have it. We actually saw several people park outside of the lot and bike in to save a couple bucks. Come on you cheap asses!! Buy one less Big Gulp and cough up the three dollars! The trail is definitely worth it. This is one of our favorites.

  • Overall Trail Difficulty: 3
  • Overall Aerobic Difficulty: 3
  • Overall Trail Rating: 4

Ratings based on a scale of 1-5 • 5 Being the highest •