Cam Rock 3

County: DANE
Nearest City: Cambridge
Annual Fee: $11.00
Daily Fee: $5.00

Ever heard the expression ‘less is more’? This sums up CamRock3 to a ‘T’. This approximate 3 mile loop may seem like just a ride in the park, however, when you enter the uphill into the woods, your opinion will change. A brief climb and then straight ahead the trail splits; to the left, the intermediate loop continues and straight ahead lies the expert loop, accented by the large ‘caution sign’ at the trail head. Heed it’s warning; within this short loop, numerous steep technical down hills and up hills, swirling switchbacks, jumps and other obstacles are carved out of this scenic hill side. A cliff-side trail with a 30 foot drop accentuates the view. A steep, rocky descent with a short single track finishes the loop. Once the lap is completed it circles around, essentially to where you started. Do it again if you like or turn left and do the intermediate loop which for the most part, is a fast and fun downhill out of the woods. Into the clearing, a steep climb ensues which takes you through a field on a short stretch of double track to the next trailhead.

The loop (3W) is a fantastic ride! This fast, winding trail offers just the right amount of ascents and descents, roots, rocks and switchbacks to satisfy the technical rider’s appetites.

If you’re in the southeast part of the state and want a ride on a smaller scale trail that feels like much more, Camrock 3 is the locale.

  • Overall Trail Difficulty: 4
  • Overall Aerobic Difficulty: 3
  • Overall Trail Rating: 4

Ratings based on a scale of 1-5 • 5 Being the highest •


Capital Off-Road Pathfinders (CORP)
Dane County chapter of WORBA.