CAMBA - Namakagon Cluster (Rock Lake)

Nearest City: Cable
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The Hayward/Cable area has been a destination for my entire life. As a child, our family stayed at a small campground/resort on middle Eau Claire Lake north of Hayward, annually. We always looked forward to hitching up the boat and going north. As an adult, the draw has shifted a bit. We still love to head north, but now it for a different reason, mountain biking on the CAMBA trails.

Camba (The Chequamegon Area Mountain Bike Association) has built almost 300 miles of marked trails in their clusters. This, by itself, is an amazing feat and makes the area an epic destination, however, there is one stretch singletrack keeps us coming back--the Rock Lake and Hildebrand loops. This trail system is etched into the Namakagon Cluster and it's trailhead is about 7 miles east of Cable.

This system truly has everything for an experienced rider. Beginning at the Rock Lake trail head, you can expect some fast and flowey single track with some rocks and roots that will keep you on your toes. It's not until the Hildebrand loop that you will encounter some more technical riding, including rock gardens, some cool descents, a lone bridge with a ridable skinny and of course, the inevitable climbs.

The meat of the trail starts at N29. This sections has some great challenges for the intermediate to expert rider. A plethora of rocks to navigate through including Wall Street, a gnarly rocky descent that can rattle your teeth. Also, keep an eye out for Picnic Table Rock, a conglomerate of perfectly positioned rocks that have to be ridden.

The cherry on top is the ride back to the trailhead. Great rollers combined with technical obstacles which make you stay in the game all the way to the end.

The bottom line is that you won't be disappointed in this ride. Take a few days to explore the area and ride your ass off. There is plenty of trails to do that sort of thing.

  • Overall Trail Difficulty: 4
  • Overall Aerobic Difficulty: 3
  • Overall Trail Rating: 5

Ratings based on a scale of 1-5 • 5 Being the highest •


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