Nicolet Roche

Nearest City: White Lake

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Rocks as big as Volkswagens. When I describe this trail to a newbie, that's what I say, "As big as Volkswagens." Nicolet Roche, located about 25 minutes east of Antigo, Wi in Langlade County is a mix of Colorado rocky goodness and twisty-turny Wisconsin single track.

Our ride started at the lower trailhead near the Boulder Lake Campground. Big Daddy to Cinderella. These trails are relatively flowy and give you a taste of what's to come.--playgrounds of rocks that make this more of an amusement park ride than singletrack.

At the 'Y', take your Psych Test to the left at 'y' and proceed Bear Claw. Next stop, the boulder field!! This is not just a scenic overlook where you can gaze upon these monstrosities, no, you don't just look, you ride over them. At first look, you're thinkin-- no F'ing way, but a closer look, reveals tire tracks up and over the rocks. They are ridable, however, be cautioned, these rocks are not for beginners. Skills and experience is a must. Note: there are opt outs for novice riders too. If you are a technical rider, this will be a difficult section to leave, it is fun and very challenging. It is inevitable that your playground time will end, don't worry, there's more fun ahead.

As you climb Bucksnort, you get sense of the wrath of Mother Nature. The woods opens up to vast open area carved out by a powerful tornado that ripped through the area a few years back. It's amazing and sad at the same time. The trail in the open area, has some fun banked corners that lead into the untouched trees. The terrain changes, small rocks and roots pepper the path. Coming off of Bucksnort, there is a confusing intersection. Follow the path 'more' traveled, straight ahead. Follow this trail for a short time, at the next intersection head up the hill to the left for a challenging climb. One very cool boulder to roll over then to the Campsite trailhead. This romp north is an out and back that combines about 25 percent double track and road, 75 percent single track. This 3.25 mile romp will take you to Hwy 64. Across the highway is another out and back which will add appox. 2-3 miles.

Now turn around and go back. No worries, it feels like a different trail, a different ride. You will tap into a loop that took you to campsite. Take Bee Sting Hill To the left and eventually enter the tornado imprint which hands out some cool rollers, steeper down hill sections, rock gardens and more. On the way back, you will be riding Flat Water. Hammer through this. It's fast, really fast. After Flatwater, you come to the Psych Test/Drama Queen intersection. Heading back to the trailhead take the Psycho Path for one last technical challenge.

Make a trip to this trail, you won't disappointed. It has everything that a rider would want in a trail, technical terrain and obstacles, climbing, and fast and flowing single track. All this placed in the beautiful Nicolet Nation Forest. One the way to the lower trailhead stop by the Bear Paw Out Door Adventure Resort, they can give you more info. While you're there ride there trails too.

  • Overall Trail Difficulty: 4
  • Overall Aerobic Difficulty: 3
  • Overall Trail Rating: 5

Ratings based on a scale of 1-5 • 5 Being the highest •