Copper Harbor Trails

County: Keweenaw
Nearest City: Copper Harbor
Web site: Click here

Riding from Fort Wilkins State Park, you have access to about 25 miles of kickass trails. Flats are not an option, climbing is required. Our ride starts out at Stairway to Heaven, a very unique trail with about 700 feet of wood plank bridges, lead you to a fantastic view of Lake Superior. From there, you have lots of choices, but for us there are two must ride trails.

The first is heading north to Woopidy Woo. This trail is a pretty amazing ride both ways. Hitting the trailhead from the west, there are some tough switchback climbing with rocks, bridges and other obsticals. At the top, the reward starts to unfold. A gradual descent along a ridgeline that seems to never end. It is fun and fast. Turn around and go back the other way and experience, what seems to be, a different trail, and yes, it's still fun.

The other must ride is heading south to the Red Trail. If you like technical riding, this is the trail for you. This down hill romp has drops, bridges, ramps, tight switchbacks and many great views. When finished, head over to Paul's Plunge and ride this rocky, root laced sketchy, normally wet downhill. Approaching for the first time can be pretty mind numbing. It is ridable. During the Fat Tire race it's a major draw for spectors who half are cheering the riders down and the other half are waiting for the enevitable endo. Be warned, both of these trails are difficult and are not for beginners.

There are a ton of trails in between that button everything up nicely. These trails may not be the must rides, but are a big part of the equation that makes this trail system great.

These trails are a destination. Pack it up and head up for a long weekend and nestle into this small very welcoming community. Stop by the Keweenaw Adventure Co LLC and by some stuff. This bike shop is one of the reasons that trails are here and thriving.

  • Overall Trail Difficulty: 5
  • Overall Aerobic Difficulty: 5
  • Overall Trail Rating: 5

Ratings based on a scale of 1-5 • 5 Being the highest •