Beyond Wisconsin

We love riding in Wisconsin, but every once and while we have to stretch the boundaries and explore other parts of the country. This usually takes place in the winter, however there are times in the summer where we just can help ourselves. Beyond Wisconsin is a guide to epic trails that we've ridden that are just too good to keep under wraps.

Trails Reviewed

  • Copper Harbor, Michigan

    About 6 hours from the Central Wisconsin, Copper Harbor is located on the very tip of the State of Michigan. It is a yearly destination for us. Our first exposure to the area was the Fat Tire Festival (no affilation) and it's annual race that occurs on Labor day weekend. Camping, biking, racing and Keweenaw beer. Ya, it's a lot of fun. If biking is not your thing, this small town offers a variety of other activities for the outdoor enthusist.

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